Andreas Tiffeau-Mayer          
Group Leader / Lecturer in Computational Biology

After an initial training in statistical physics in Göttingen and Paris, I worked on how evolution shapes immune defense strategies for my PhD at École Normale Supérieure in the statistical biophysics group. As a Lewis-Sigler Theory Fellow at Princeton University I further developed my interest in evolutionary immunology and started to ask more practical questions around how to turn advances in measuring immunological processes into quantitative models. Notably, combining theory and data analysis I uncovered quantitative principles that govern the regulation of T cell dynamics at multiple timescales. As of 2022, I have opened up the QImmuno Lab at UCL and I am excited to do so at a time that is ripe for major advances in the grand challenge of understanding immunity quantitatively.

Andrew Pyo    
PhD student (Princeton Physics)

Interested in the statistical physics of receptor-ligand interactions (co-supervised by Ned Wingreen). Laying the groundwork for applying metric learning to the prediction of lymphocyte receptor specificity, and linking results to biophysical intuition.

James Henderson    
Research Assistant

Interested in developing information theoretic tools to quantify which features of immune receptors are most restricted in epitope-specific repertoires.

Prisha Satwani MSc student in AI

Large language models to predict T cell specificity and function

Rishika Saxena
iBSc student in Maths, Computing, and Medicine

Interested in robustly quantifying whether cancer-associated TCRs can be identified from TCR sequence features.

Sankalan Bhattacharyya
Research Assistant

Interested in quality-quantity tradeoffs in learning probabilistic models.

Touchchai Chotisorayuth
MSc student in AI for Biomedicine and Healthcare

Interested in weakly supervised TCR metric learning and fast clustering of sequence data.

Ursule Demaël      
PhD student (MRC DTP)

Interested in TCR engineering for immunotherapy (co-supervised by Hans Stauss).

Yuta Nagano          
MBPhD student (CRUK)

Interested in applying protein language models to adaptive immune receptor repertoire data (co-supervised by Benny Chain and Sergio Quezada).

Immunologist? Physicist? Data Scientist?

We are looking for enthusiastic researchers at all levels to join us on our journey. Interested in working on some of the most fundamental questions in immunology using cutting edge machine learning techniques? Excited about studying the physics of living systems in an important and tractable model system? Please reach out!


Jocelyn Japnanto, IPLS summer student || now a PhD student in earth sciences at UCL
Kirsten Silvey, MRC-DTP PhD rotation student || now a PhD student in structural biology at UCL
Chris Russo, physics junior and senior thesis student || now a PhD student at University of Chicago
Max Nguyen, QCB PhD rotation student || now a PhD student at Princeton University
Léo Régnier, visiting Master student from ENS || now a PhD student at CNRS
Mario Gaimann, DAAD RISE summer intern || now a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems