Our lab’s mission is to understand immune defense quantitatively using theory and computation.

We are a Quantitative Immunology research group in the Division of Infection and Immunity at UCL. Our research is embedded within the collaborative environment of the Innate2Adaptive lab group and we have strong links with experimental and theory groups at UCL and beyond.

Our approach to quantitative immunology is rooted in the tradition of biological physics and we are part of UCL’s Institute for the Physics of Living Systems.


Selected Publications

A Mayer, C Callan Measures of epitope binding degeneracy from T cell receptor repertoires, PNAS, 2023.

H Chen, A Mayer, V Balasubramanian A scaling law in CRISPR repertoire sizes arises from avoidance of autoimmunity, Current Biology, 2022.

MG Gaimann, M Nguyen, J Desponds, A Mayer, Early life imprints the hierarchy of T cell clone sizes, eLife, 2020.

A Mayer, Y Zhang, AS Perelson, NS Wingreen, Regulation of T cell expansion by antigen presentation dynamics, PNAS, 2019.

A Mayer, O Rivoire, T Mora, and AM Walczak, Diversity of immune strategies explained by adaptation to pathogen statistics, PNAS, 2016.